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The grocery store in your pocket. Sign up, shop, knock knock.

Find what you need

From champagne and whiskey to boerewors and cat food, we’ve got your needs covered.

When you need it

Need a stock up of drinks at your friend’s house? Sure, see you there.

And do it safely

We rely on leading software to keep your payment, location and personal details SUPER safe and secure.

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- Judgment-free. Shop for wine in your sweatpants

- Traffic-free. Get groceries from your couch

- FOMO-free. Stay at the party while we bring what you need

It Gets Even Better. 
Top Convenience, Top Features.

Change delivery addresses with ease
Has your party moved? Just let us know and we’ll follow. We’ve got the drinks after all.
On the ball support
Like we said, we’ve got your back, especially when things are not up to our standard.
Set your delivery time
We would hate to blow your friends surprise party! You give us a time and we’ll stick to it.
Multiple store orders
Here, there and everywhere! If you need it, we’ll get it - in one round trip.
Create shopping lists
Like a digital trolley, simply add what you need then hit send to place your order.
Easily re-order
Want last weekend’s drinks? Hit re-order and save yourself the hassle.

What Our Customers are Saying

Thank you thank you thank you!!. I came across Stockup on a recent trip to SA.  Not being familiar with the nighttime shopping experiences, there was a reluctance to leave the confines of the house we rented to go searching out drinks for a party.  Then a friend suggested we use Stockup. We didn't regret it. Drinks and a whole lot more were delivered all in about 30 mins.  Talk about service!  You guys rock.
Trey M. London
I’ve been using Stockup for 3 years ordering via the website for regular functions at my home and office. I usually order a lot of drinks and sometimes use the mobile bar service. You are always very professional and ontime. I was a bit reluctant when you introduced the app, until I saw the re-order function which you know I now use a lot as my long list of drinks is always the same.
Alain Mbuyi
Excellent service, I thought it was a scam at first, downloaded app after hearing an ad on MixFM, I timed everything from the time we ordered at 47 minutes you proved us wrong. When will you start delivering in Cape Town.
Ayesha Khan

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